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Power cuts will be a thing of the past. Need O Mart is a reliable supplier of inverters and allied products that can take care of power cuts. No more sweating or tripping in the dark owing to the ower cuts. We extend our commitment to provide “smarter” products with high efficiency. Our products will help deliver affordable and reliable power back-upto our customers as efficiently as possible. It helps us stay commited to our customers to make life as easy as possible for them. Backed by a team of qualified service personnel our after sales service providesthe right service backup and provides peace of mind.


  • Inverters are noise-free unlike generators.
  • Power inverters offer zero emission.
  • Doesn’t require fuel or diesel which is expensive and can be very scarce
  • Uninterrupted supply as some inverters are fully automated saving you the inconvenience of change           over switches as with generators.
  • Offer lower running cost all you need is to charge your battery.
  • Lower noise levels, both inside and outside the building.
  • Reduced risk of electromagnetic interference with other equipment.
  • Significantly reduced running costs (up to 50% saving) compared to non-inverter systems.

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